Our complete line of industrial and professional grade gases come in a variety of states, purities and cylinder sizes to fit your business’s cylinder gas requirements. Utilizing our state of the art cylinder fill plant, we have an extensive line of Medical, Industrial, Specialty, Food and Cryogenic, gases for your business’s precise needs.

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Cylinder Gas in Chicagoland

Known for our outstanding service for a full range of area industries like food, healthcare, environmental, medical, petrochemical, industrial hygiene and many more, our compressed-gas fill plant boosts our supply and delivery to a superior level of service.

  • Our aim is to be the Number One Company you think of when you think of industrial gas suppliers.

  • We supply a complete line of cylinder gases for whatever your business calls for.

US Gas, serving the diverse industries of Chicagoland since 1993
Benefits of US Gas

Our streamlined cylinder-use program eliminates perplexing cylinder rental invoices, saving your operations and accounts payable department time while letting them focus on other priorities.

  • No Government or Hazardous Materials Fees

  • Safety First at US Gas


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What Our Customers Have to Say
I’ve been doing business with US Gas for the last 10 years. They provide great customer service. Orders are filled next day. The Customer Service staff is always friendly and responds to emails quickly concerning orders or questions.

Tom Stanek

Useco Industries, Inc.
joliet f
The entire US GAS family have shown JACH nothing but professionalism. Other suppliers of medical gas located in Joliet call me all the time trying to get our business, they always ask why do you stay with US GAS they are so far away. The response is simply JACH has been doing business with US GAS for 14 years that have always taken care of us and meet our needs. Holidays, weekends, after hours–it doesn’t matter US GAS is always there.

Sam Greco

Dir. Building Facilities
barrington countryside
US Gas’s service has been above reproach! When I needed an emergency oxygen delivery for my organization on a Saturday at 0800 I never thought I would get a live voice on the other side of the phone. But I did and within hours my order was filled. Outstanding customer service.

Scott W. Motisi

Assis. Chief Director
We first started doing business with US Gas in 2013 and it was evident from the start that it was going to be a great relationship. Although they have changed reps since we started, it did not affect business at all. In fact, business became better. The rep is very personable and is in tune with the needs of the Welding Technology program.

Gregory Foster

Professor - Welding