Understanding Medical Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a common gas that is made up of two parts nitrogen and one part oxygen – giving it the scientific denotation of N20. Nitrous oxide is colorless and is naturally present in the Earth’s atmosphere, but in concentrated amounts, it has effects that have been applied to medical applications for years. You may have experienced nitrous oxide before, likely at the dentists if you received what is commonly known as laughing gas. Dentists use it to calm patients before a procedure and are commonly given to patients who are nervous and anxious in the dental chair.  It can also be used in combination with other applications as an anesthetic which is safer for people who cannot be given stronger anesthesia during medical procedures. The medical nitrous oxide uses are quite numerous and it is a popular option for treatments among many medical professionals. If you want to learn more about the medical applications of nitrous oxide read on:

Benefits of Medical Applications of Nitrous Oxide

With all of the medical nitrous oxide, uses that are available chances are you or someone you know has either received it during a medical treatment or will at some point in the future. Here are some of the medical applications of nitrous oxide and the benefits that are most commonly seen today:

  • Reduces patient anxiety- given to calm and in effect drug the mind to reduce anxiety, fear, and agitation
  • Slightly increases pain tolerance- the dulling of the mental processes makes patients less aware of initial pain after a procedure
  • Reduces gagging reflexes- useful to relax the patient for work involving tubes or work to be done on the mouth or throat
  • Reduces reaction/patient movement – slowed responses in the brain results in more lethargic moves and reactions and keeps patients relaxed
  • Allows longer procedures- patients can tolerate a longer procedure thanks to reduced pain and awareness of what is going on
  • Patients are conscious – there is no ‘putting under’ with this application and patients can communicate normally with medical staff the entire time

Safety of Medical Nitrous Oxide

Medical nitrous oxide uses has been safely used in the medical world for decades and has proven beneficial when it comes to helping patients remain calm and relaxed during more invasive procedures and also in helping lower pain levels and increase pain tolerance. The treatment is safe and effective and in healthy individuals, there is little to no risk of side effects or negative symptoms associated with its use. Nitrous oxide is not combustible and is stored in medical grade gas canisters or tanks and it can be carefully metered during dosage so it is given at just the right level for each individual patient needing it. It is safe for both the medical staff and patients and it has a long shelf life so the containers can be used for years. The many types of medical nitrous oxide uses are achieved through an advanced understanding of how the gas affects human beings and how to apply it during medical procedures and during certain treatments. Here at US Gas, we specialize in a wide range of gas supply options including tank and cylinder rentals! Contact us to see for yourself how easy it can be to get the medical nitrous oxide that you need.

Because nitrous oxide is metabolized by the human body very slowly and at very low levels when it is used during a medical procedure, the patient will be absorbing only a small amount of the gas and will be exhaling nitrous oxide. To protect doctors and clinic staff, the mask used to deliver the gas will also collect all exhaled gas as well. Procedure rooms are equipped with ventilation systems to keep fresh air flowing into the room to ensure the right level of oxygen is maintained for the safety of everyone in the room during the procedure when the gas is in use. These systems together work to prevent long-term nitrous oxide exposure for medical staff. Comfort and safety are the main concerns when using this gas and the research that has gone into perfecting the applications of medical nitrous oxide have helped ensure patient and staff health and safety are preserved and protected at all times.

Patients are safe, even when the gas is used during longer procedures such as dental surgery and extractions because of its non-toxicity in terms of lasting effects on the body. When used at the proper dosage and used on a healthy patient, the effects wear off almost immediately once the gas has been removed, and there is no impact on mobility or cognitive functions. This is why it is so popular in dental procedures and other minor but slightly invasive treatments add medical procedures because the patient can be awake and can respond to questions and assure the doctor that they are ok during the procedure, unlike stronger analgesics. The most common process for the delivery of the gas is through a face mask and once the procedure is complete and the gas is shut off, oxygen will be delivered through the mask for a few minutes to help any residual nitrous oxide get flushed out of the system faster so the patient recovers from the effects sooner. No downtime or recovery time is needed for a patient after receiving nitrous oxide and they can usually resume doing normal activities, even driving, as soon as they are done and off the gas.

Applications and Uses

The development of a number of medical nitrous oxide uses has grown over recent years. As more medical professionals are incorporating medical applications of nitrous oxide into their procedures more and more people are discovering the great benefits of its application. There is still much research being done and many feel there is still much that can be done with nitrous oxide that we are not yet fully aware of so time will tell what new medical applications will come in the future when it comes to medical applications of nitrous oxide. Contact us today to learn more and to start using nitrous oxide and other gases in your business today!