Cryogenic Gases By U.S. Gas

Trust US Gas For All Your Cryogenic Needs


US Gas is dedicated to delivering quality cryogenic gases to your business no matter your industry or commercial needs. All over the Chicago area, businesses from medical to food to fabrication to Cryo Therapy choose US Gas knowing they can rely on us for dependable service, equipment and our original Simplified Administrative Program.

Superior Cryogenic Gases, Products And Services

We supply and service systems and piping regarding a wide range of business or industry applications. We assist you with deciding the right equipment sizes, in calculating expenses, providing logistics services, and supplying the best equipment for your needs.  These are among the things that set US Gas above average suppliers of cryogenic gases.

US Gas has been an innovator in quality, customer service, and delivery since its inception in 1993. It has become known as the company that is easy to do business with because of our unique and simple approach in treating our loyal, long time customers. Our back to the basics philosophy continues to attract new customers while keeping existing partners happy.  This satisfaction evolves from the following:

  • Local customer service staff answering the phone within two rings
  • The original simplified administrative program that provides you with correct and easy to read invoices – including rentals
  • Next day/custom delivery
  • 24/7 access to a US Gas team member for emergency delivery
  • Compressed/cryogenic gases fill plant
  • Full line of welding supplies and consumables
  • Welding supplies delivered with your gas order – the next day
  • Experienced sales staff
  • Strong industry vendor support
  • Cylinder safety in-services
US Gas: Solving The Problems You Don’t know You Have Since 1993

Simply put, no other supplier of cryogenic gases in Chicago offers you more in customer service, quality gases, delivery flexibility and administrative ease than US Gas.