Five Every Day Uses of Nitrogen Gases

Nitrogen is one of those gases we all have likely heard about but know very little about.  It is the 7th most abundantly found element of the entire solar system. Almost 80% of the earth’s atmosphere is made up of this gas. In terms of mass, nitrogen gases make up around 3% of the human body and after oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen it is the most relevant element in the body. We can also find it in the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) of our very makeup and it is also essential in cell growth, energy production, and many other body processes. As if this all was not amazing enough, nitrogen influences our lives every day in the way it is used in various industries. The chemical industry uses this gas in the production of fertilizers, nylon, nitric acid, dyes, medicines, and explosives. Here are the five applications of nitrogen in everyday life.

Preservation of Food

Nitrogen gases are used for generating an altered or man-made atmosphere condition where it is applied with carbon dioxide to help aid in the preservation of packaged or bulk foods. It helps with food preservation by safeguarding against oxidative damage which causes the decay and breakdown that causes food to spoil.  Pure nitrogen is also classified as a food additive by the European Union with the E number of E941.

Use in Pharmaceuticals

This gas has shown to be very influential in chemical reactions and compounds and has been used, and still is being used, extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. Many people are surprised to find that nitrogen can be found in some amount in every major pharmacological drug class. It can also be used in other gas mixes and compounds for other medicinal uses, such as what is seen with nitrous oxide being used as an anesthetic.  Nitrogen gases can also be used to preserve sperm, egg, nerves, blood, stem cells, and various other biological specimens.

Application in the Manufacturing Industry

Nitrogen can also be used in the manufacturing field. It is commonly used for shrinking fittings so they can be inserted and used easily and then as they return to normal temperature they expand to form a tight-fitting connection that could not have been achieved otherwise. It can also be used in liquid form and is applied in a number of projects including tunnel creation and excavation during manufacturing and construction work. Nitrogen is also at the heart of new advances in technology and construction and manufacturing processes.

Use of Nitrogen Gases in Electronics

Nitrogen is even used in many electronics or the manufacturing of them. It is used in the internal workings of many computers and helps to prevent them from overheating and burning themselves up after hours of continuous use. It is widely used in the fire suppression systems for Information Technology (IT) equipment since normal water and extinguisher methods are not usually or effective in these types of situations. Nitrogen is also used X-ray detectors and other electronics used in the medical field!

Nitrogen Gases and Stainless Steel

Nitrogen has proven to be a versatile and useful gas and it has even found its place with applications such as a purging gas in the steel industry. It is used to help remove impurities during the production of stainless steel and is part of the reason for the clean corrosion resistant qualities of the steel.  It also finds application serving as what is known as a shielding gas, which helps to safeguarding technological processes against the corrosive process of oxidation.

Nitrogen gas has proven to be not only plentiful but very beneficial for several key applications and industrial uses. To learn more about what this gas can do for you, call our experts today and let us show you why US Gas is a leader for industrial gases, including nitrogen!